Designing a Presentation: Choosing the Right Tools for Effective Communication

January 18, 2024, 5:00pm PT/8:00pm ET
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If you give standup presentations—or you hope or expect to do so in the future—join Joe Devney (Holy Names University, CA, ’93), a technical writer and a linguist, to get expert tips for designing effective, dynamic presentations. Learn how to take advantage of the attributes of the different information channels available to a presenter: slides, voice, gestures, audio recordings, physical objects, paper handouts. How best to use the different channels depends on the types of information you want to get across. This presentation will also demonstrate how best to present numerical information to make it clear and memorable for your audience.

About this Kappa Speaker
Joseph Devney, M.A. has built his career on his communication skills. He is a technical writer and a linguist. He has learned from pioneers in these fields, including linguist Roger Shuy and data visualization expert Edward Tufte. He has seen hundreds of standup presentations in business, professional, and academic settings, and learned which techniques are more and less effective for sharing different types of information. He has given presentations of his own on language-related topics in California and Arizona, and in four foreign countries.

Joe was inducted into Kappa Gamma Pi in 1993, when he graduated from Holy Names University in Oakland, California. He has been active in the San Francisco East Bay Chapter and helped plan the 2007 KGP National Convention at Holy Names. Joe earned a master’s degree in sociolinguistics from Georgetown University and is a Fellow of the Society for Technical Communication.